Take a screenshot in Chrome

You can use the built-in screenshot tool in Chrome or browsers based on the Chrome. This feature allows you to capture screenshots without the need for external extensions or programs.

This feature indeed offers great convenience, especially when capturing the screenshot of an entire page or a specific element. It saves you the trouble of dealing with Photoshop when an element is too long to fit on the screen. The built-in screenshot tool in Chrome or Chrome-based browsers allows you to capture the full page by scrolling automatically and stitching together the individual sections.

How to screenshot on Google Chrome

1 - To open Developer Tools, you can use the following keyboard shortcuts:
For Windows: Press Ctrl + Shift + I.
For Mac: Press Command + Option + I.

2 - After opening Developer Tools, you can access the Run Command panel using the following keyboard shortcuts:
For Windows: Press Ctrl + Shift + P.
For Mac: Press Command + Shift + P.

3 - Once the Run Command panel appears, type "screenshot" into the panel. You will see four different options related to screenshots:

Screenshot in Chrome

How to screenshot a whole page with a custom size

Capture Area Shot: This option allows you to select and save a specific area of the screen. After choosing this option, you can draw a box with your mouse and save the area you have selected.

Capture Full Size Screenshot: You capture a screenshot of the entire page from top to bottom.

Capture Node Screenshot: It allows you to capture the screenshot of a specific element selected in the Element Inspector. After selecting the desired element in the Inspector, you should execute the command and choose this option.

Capture Screenshot: It is similar to taking a standard screenshot.

You can select any of these options to complete the screenshot capture process.